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The Danette Bridge of Hope Bra

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  • Comfortable to wear
  • Natural feeling to touch
  • No prosthesis needed
  • Pre-filled fiberfill cup(s)
  • Easy Care – wash & wear
  • No Prescription necessary
  • Patented Design
  • Top quality components made to last
  • Affordable

This is a unique custom mastectomy bra. This patented design, offers permanent, prefilled, fiber fill cup(s). It is lightweight and comfortable to wear. This bra is wash and wear: It requires no assembly, nor is there any hassle involved before or after laundering. This bra is doctor recommended. No prosthetic is necessary to achieve a natural and beautiful shape. This filled bra is extremely lightweight and comfortable, even in hot climates. The Danette Bridge of Hope Bra is so affordable, you can purchase enough to wear one every day!

This versatile bra is an ideal fit for so many women. Because you know your body best, you select the bra yourself with the educated assistance of the Aesthetically Yours sales team. Each bra is carefully constructed; custom-made to your specifications. Simply order your normal bra size. This bra requires no special fitting: Bras are currently available up to a "C" cup. An additional bonus, even with all this simplicity: This bra fits GREAT!

The Danette is ideal for women who choose not to receive an implant during mastectomy surgery. Now there is an easy, inexpensive alternative to the high cost of traditional mastectomy bras and their required prosthetic.

The Danette Bridge of Hope bra can be worn soon after mastectomy surgery. The physician applies a special bra in the operating room immediately after surgery to hold the surgical bandages. For women choosing not to add an implant during surgery, the Danette bra may be purchased and worn as soon as she is healed. There is no time wasted waiting for a post surgical appointment to get a prescription. Our customers do not waste their time traveling to a boutique just to pick out a bra and order a prosthetic and purchase a gel insert for their bra. The Danette can be pre ordered even before the 1st post surgical visit.

Bring your new Danette bra to your first post surgical appointment. Once the doctor removes the bandages, you can wear this bra immediately! The Danette Bridge of Hope bra is easy to manage, natural looking and AESTHETICALLY pleasing.

Alleviate hassles at airport TSA screening points. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) allows passengers with medical gel prosthetics to be permitted through security checkpoints. They do however encourage everyone to pack gel-filled bras in their checked baggage. While they recognize the sensitivity of the issue and are reaching out to key women’s medical associations to assist passengers and make information available to them while respecting their privacy, guarantee your travel is enjoyable, embarrassment and hassle free by wearing a Danette Bridge of Hope bra. Our pre-filled all-in-one bra complies with all domestic and international security standards.

The Danette bra is also a great option for women who have had a lumpectomy. (Lumpectomy patients have lost part of the breast.) This pre filled bra would even out your appearance and look AESTHETICALLY pleasing.
This bra provides a great option to improve appearance during tissue expander procedures. There is no need to feel unbalanced or awkward as tissue expanders are slowly filled. The Danette Bridge of Hope bra allows women to feel confident and enjoy a perfect silhouette during this transitional time. This bra also ensures your comfort, and it is so easy to wear, and lightweight as you are recovering and healing.

Ordering is quick and easy. Orders can be placed via e-mail or phone. Each bra ordered is custom made; we offer the best price and value of any custom mastectomy brassiere. Ordering this custom bra couldn't be easier or quicker. Orders are processed and shipped promptly without the long delay and fuss of arranging for a traditional prescription mastectomy bra. The Danette Bra is so affordable; you can purchase two Danette Bras in place of one high cost prescription prosthetic. Don’t wait to experience the comfort and ease of this exciting new mastectomy bra, contact a sales consultant today.


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